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Character Development: Your Character and the Holidays – PART ONE


  Given how early everything holiday-related seems to be starting this year, this seemed appropriate….though, personally, I think you should hold the Christmas music until at least Black Friday.

  I’ll be using Alec Griffin, one of the main characters from my series. He’s been a bit of a challenge for me to get to know, so the more I can ferret out of him, the better.

1. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Twelfth Night, April Fool’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Bonfire Night. His favorite is April Fool’s Day, because that gives him a valid excuse to be even more of a nuisance than he already is.

2. Alec loves holidays. All holidays. He gets a day off to party with the people he loves. What could be better than that?

3. He would rebel and probably end up being more troublesome than productive.

4. Alec celebrates by inviting everyone he knows and a few he doesn’t over for a day(or night)-long party. As for his family, all he has is his parents, and since they live half a world away, they rarely come to his celebrations or he to theirs.

5. Despite his progressiveness in everything else, the holidays are one aspect of Alec’s life that must stay the same at all costs. Tradition is key and must never, ever be ignored.

6. Pie. It doesn’t matter what kind or what holiday, Alec always goes for the pie.

7. Spoilsports, mostly. He hates it when someone rains on his parade of happiness and good cheer.

8. His favorite part of the holidays is that it can bring his friends together for reasons other than an imminent apocalypse or other dire circumstances. It’s the one part of his life that can be kept normal.

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Writing Prompt Monday ~ Entry #CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         It’s tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s tomorrow! Well…not that it is tomorrow now, as that’s a physical impossibility and the actual “tomorrow” will never be, but you know what I mean. It honestly doesn’t feel like Christmas should be here yet. But all the same, here it is, looming up with the promise of fun, family time, and Doctor Who. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people beyond my dusty screen and may you have a safe and happy New Year! Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

         Obviously, today’s prompt must relate to the holiday.

Q. Using three(or more) random words from the generator, create characters who receive those items as Christmas gifts and describe what they would do with them.

A. My words are as follows: pocket watch, bubble, wire.

Hmmm…as for the pocket watch, the first thing that always comes to mind is of course that one Doctor Who episode. So I believe this person would be a Whovian, given the pocket-watch by her boyfriend with a “Will you marry me?” note tucked inside.She will obviously carry it with her the rest of her life. (Also, the boyfriend’s name is Alonso.)

For the bubble, it’s a man born without an immune system who, with his protective bubble, can leave the sterile environment of his home, travel the world, go Zorbing wherever he wishes, and lead a double life as a crime-fighter who bulldozes his opponents with his indestructible bubble.

And with the wire, it was given to a twelve year-old evil genius by his aunt and mentor in the business of eviling. He intends to create a full-sized ,solar-powered ion disrupter and was running low on copper-coated wire.

Your answer?

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Lessons Learned

1. Choir concerts are simultaneously absolutely wonderful and absolute  murder.

2. Handholding for prayer is awkward in a mixed choir of 99.

3. Playing Just Dance in a peasant costume makes it twice as difficult as it usually is–and probably doubly amusing to watch.

4. It is in fact possible to make a working catapult in ten minutes.


5. Sword fights are perfectly acceptable as Christmas party entertainment.


6. School goes infinitely better when you actually have a plan–as I now do and feel substantially better about life in general because of it.

7. Never ever, ever watch Grimm if you have the smallest aversion to horror.

8. Christmas is undeniably the most fantastic, brilliant season of the year.

9. Family,friends(and book clubs), and faith make it what it is.

10. Compuer issues make blogging very difficult.

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Writing Prompt Monday – Entry # 11

Dude…it hasn’t even been a week since Thanksgiving and it already feels like it should be Christmas Eve. Christmas music, stores full of Christmas stuff, shopping horror stories, and it’s supposed to snow tonight–’tis now my favorite season.

And therefore, I’m doing Christmas early as well adding a new element to the Monday prompts.

Q. Using three or more random words from the generator, write a summary of a Christmas short story using the characters of your choosing.

Well, my words aren’t exactly Christmasy. But that’s part of the fun. 1.Blister. 2. Mill. 3. Second.

As per usual when a Churchill is involved, chaos ensues at the annual Christmas celebration. Five year-old Chance Griffin decides that fireworks are absolutely necessary for the perfect Christmas (and breaks into his mother’s lab to procure them) and very nearly blows himself to kingdom come while setting them. The adults(who aren’t much more responsible than young Chance) rush outside just in time to see said fireworks ignite the abandoned mill in the next field, which of course sparks a race to make sure the fire doesn’t spread to the surrounding fields and cottages. Luckily, a few blisters were the only injuries sustained. Unluckily, the mill owner and a humorless police chap were the second group on the scene. With a bit of quick talking from the silver tongue of Mr. Alec Griffin and a substantial settlement from a certain well-off Lord Flynn Churchill, all tempers quickly cooled off and everyone retired to the cottage to finish the interrupted Christmas dinner.

Your answers?

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