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Writing Authentically Without Becoming a Crook: Lockpicks

Pin and tumbler lock picking

Pin and tumbler lock picking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am inordinately proud of myself. I just picked two padlocks with a bobby pin and a mini-screwdriver. It’s really amazing what you can learn off the Internet…

For those of you who write mysteries or adventures or anything else that involves breaking and entering and picking locks, I have a gold mine for you. I found it this morning through Pinterest, and I now feel somewhat akin to MacGyver because of all my newfound action hero knowledge. This site(which appears to be run by highly paranoid individuals–but I don’t mind since they’re incredibly smart paranoid individuals) has tutorials and videos on everything from picking your way out of handcuffs to lockpicking 101 to lockpick forensics to the various types of lockpicks. Hey, you can even buy lockpicks from there (*cough* Christmas is coming…*cough*). Anyways, I was really happy with the site because my characters tend to pick locks quite a lot–but I haven’t the slightest clue how outside of knowing a little of the terminology and the basic “listen for tumblers and pins”. Until today. Here are the links!

Lock Pick Types

Lock Picking Forensics

How To Get Out of Handcuffs

Lock Picking 101

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