I’ve Been Liebstered

Imagine my surprise when I check the blog after a long hiatus and find that a certain very gracious, very generous, very complimentary person has left me a Liebster award and some very kind words. Thank you, SJ O’Hart! I can’t say how much I appreciate that and what a nice return to the blogosphere it was.

However, I can say that your questions are very…thoughtful. Or, in common vernacular, REALLY, REALLY DIFFICULT! Below are my not-so-thoughtful answers to some brilliant questions.

What is your favourite smell, and why?

The smell of the outdoors in autumn. It’s crisp and cold and nostalgic, and for the past twelve years, it’s meant the beginning of the school year, which meant all the exciting social events and holidays were getting closer.

What object in the world would you most like to own?

An all-access card for restricted and immensely interesting places like Area 51. What can I say? I like to know things.

If you were a number, which number would you be – and why?

That’s…difficult. Partially because I tend to imagine numbers and colors and the like as characters (What can I say? I’m weird. Writer’s prerogative.), some of which are likeable and others not so much. I have no idea where my impressions came from, but they’re stuck in my brain. Seven is a sardonic, worldy anti-hero.  Four is an affable, but not too bright, girl who has fallen hard for Seven and follows him around, much to his annoyance. Two is a remarkably irritating do-gooder, and six is the fussy, motherly type and…

Suddenly, I realize why I have such a problem with Math-related courses.

Anyway, since all of these guys are firmly established in my mind, it’s a little hard to imagine myself as a number when they all have their own personalities already. But if I had to, I’d probably say Eight because it’s bossy and determined and one of the few feminine numbers that come to mind.

What is your biggest regret (if it’s something you can share)?


What are you most afraid of?

Failure.  Falling of short of expectations and disappointing people terrify me. Also, spiders.

What is your favourite piece of visual art (i.e. not music, literature, theatre), and why?

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I realize that that particular painting is the favorite of millions of people and not an overly unique choice, but all the same, it’s mine, too. I was in New York several months ago, and one of my big regrets about the trip was not being able to drop by and see it. The colors and the feeling and the energy of the piece (not to mention the subject matter) are individually stunning, but when melded into a singular work of art are truly phenomenal. Which is probably why it’s one of the most popular paintings ever. It reminds me of my dreams and that breathless sort of feeling you get when you’ve actually managed to live one.

Tell me about the best dream you ever had.

The best dream I ever had involved me falling into a place between fictional worlds, wherein various fictional characters and realities mix, and going on an adventure with a group of my favorite characters. I didn’t want it to end.

If you could be anyone, from any historical period, who would you be – and why?

Personally, I’d just prefer to stick where I am. The past is fascinating, but not an overly friendly place. The future is intriguing, but that’s where I’m headed anyway. Now, if I had a time-machine to jump between periods, that’s an entirely different story…

So, there are my answers and I am now expected to provide questions and nominees of my own. However, since I’ve been pretty much out of the game for the past few months, I’m a little short of people to nominate. Therefore, it falls to you, dear readers. I challenge anyone who reads this post to answer my questions in the comments. Happy blogging, folks!

1. Tell me how you met your very best friend.

2. Your favorite city/region (caveat: you must have actually visited the place in question) and why it holds that title.

3. If you had the resources to take any profession you chose outside of your current one, what would it be? Why?

4. Tell me about the most hilarious experience you’ve ever had.

5. Every family has that one person who’s larger than life: tell me about yours.

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One thought on “I’ve Been Liebstered

  1. Welcome back! And – excellent answers! (Sorry about the ‘thoughtful’ questions… ;))

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