Worlds Away Writing Challenge: Day 4


                                    Worlds Away Writing Challenge:

Seven days of questions, prompts, and ideas to keep you writing. The rules?

  • Answer each question/prompt as completely as possible.
  • Add the link-icon to your posts.
  • If you are so inclined, challenge other writing bloggers(or just any blogger in general) to challenge the challenge by completing the…um…challenge.

Day 4: What is the imagery of your world like? Is it sweeping, descriptive, and epic? Humorous and snappy? Dark? Gritty? Explain, then share a small example of your imagery.

Typically, I try to aim for somewhere in between. I want to sketch an idea in the reader’s head, but let him fill in the gaps with their own imagination. I want a mix of fun and serious with a healthy dose of camp thrown in–though it can take quite a few rewrites to get it the way I want it (if I ever do).


The house, as usual, was totally different than when I had left it. The walk was still trimmed and the garden well-kept, but Mayhap Manor itself…It was never well-kept.

Of course, that was mostly my fault, as having an inventor’s lab on the main floor doesn’t lend itself to keeping a house intact, free of odd chemical odors, and smoke-free.

However, the full-size mural of Venice that now unfurled across the east wall had nothing to do with me, and–while a splash of color was nice–there are certain limits. And I think Prilla just may have reached them.

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5 thoughts on “Worlds Away Writing Challenge: Day 4

  1. Not bad. The start sounds good. How many rewrites did that take?

  2. Prilla


  3. Prilla

    Oh, sorry. That was addressed to Zissa. Hehe.

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