Worlds Away Writing Challenge: Day 2


                                       Worlds Away Writing Challenge:

Seven days of questions, prompts, and ideas to keep you writing. The rules?

  • Answer each question/prompt as completely as possible.
  • Add the link-icon to your posts.
  • If you are so inclined, challenge other writing bloggers(or just any blogger in general) to challenge the challenge by completing the…um…challenge.

Day 2: Pick a story world(one of your own, obviously). Push the setting either fifty years forward or fifty years back. How does it affect the world? The characters? Write a short scene describing the new world.

As I currently have just one world(I’m fiddling with another, but it’s nowhere near ready), I’ll stick with the one from last time. The Victorian Vagabond universe. As it is set in approximately 1870, fifty years could make a significant change either direction. Going back, you have the 1820s. Missouri became a state during that period, and since that’s the setting, it could make for some interesting plot points. Now, going forward, it gets really interesting. The 1920s. The Roaring Twenties. Fun, fun…

Of the two, I would probably go with the 1920s, simply because of the great disparity between the 1870s and the 1920s. You have cars, telephones, new fashions, new taboos–it would change everything. And as far as change goes, the characters wouldn’t escape it, either. New careers would be in order for some, not to mention new backstories. Simply put–nothing would ever be the same.


I don’t like heels. Or lipstick. Or complicated hair. Or any of the incredibly uncomfortable things that undercover work was forcing me to deal with. It was so much easier to simply sit in the auto and wait for interesting things to happen, and then get in on the action.  That was where I was comfortable. Actually, I was comfortable anywhere, but where I actually was. Sitting in a speakeasy, far too dolled up for comfort, and expecting more trouble than I’d ever wanted.

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One thought on “Worlds Away Writing Challenge: Day 2

  1. Deep. Deep but good.

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