Worlds Away Writing Challenge Day 1


                                            Worlds Away Writing Challenge:

Seven days of questions, prompts, and ideas to keep you writing. The rules?

  • Answer each question/prompt as completely as possible.
  • Add the link-icon to your posts.
  • If you are so inclined, challenge other writing bloggers(or just any blogger in general) to challenge the challenge by completing the…um…challenge.

Day 1: Given the chance, would you spend a day in the world of one of your short stories/novels/whatever? Which one? Why or why not? How would you spend the day? Would you survive? If yes, write a short scene from your day with your characters.

It’s…hard to say. In a way, I would love to. Most of my worlds are dripping with adventurous journeys, nefarious plots, and a general sense of mayhem and fun, all of which I like to think I would enjoy. However, I have my doubts that I would last ten minutes in any adventure executed sans safety equipment.

Secondly, my own characters would hate me. Period.  Adventurers, inventors, scientists, thieves, the occasional pirate–nowhere in that group does a writer fit. Though, it might be amusing to see one try…*plot bunny*…Moving on.

That being said, were I foolhardy enough to venture into one of my own creations…it would be the one from my Victorian Vagabond storyline. That’s the one with the adventurers, thieves, pirates,etc. Fun, right?

I imagine we would spend the day in Mayhap Manor with me pestering Alec to teach me how to shoot and trying to break into Zissa’s lab to play with the chemicals. Mayhem would likely ensue, thanks to some pesky villain or another deciding it was the perfect day to strike. And then I would probably die tragically, as I have no idea what to do in an imbroglio.





“Pretty please?”

“For your own safety, it’s out of the question.”

“Por favor? Per favore? S’il vous plait?”

“Absolutely not!”

“C’mon…what harm could it possibly do?”

“Look, you nearly get us killed every time you so much as write about doing something dangerous. I shudder to think of what would happen were  you to try it yourself. Let alone something as potentially fatal as covert surveillance.”

“Well…if I can’t do that…can I play with your rifle while you’re gone? Or perhaps the explosives?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake…”

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3 thoughts on “Worlds Away Writing Challenge Day 1

  1. Congratulations on taking the challenge. Oh, and about 2, Chaucer managed it, didn’t he?

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