I’ve Been Cursed(or Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately)

      There are a great many things I don’t necessarily believe in. The undead, fairies, and unicorns all fall under that category. Up until a week and a half ago, so did curses.

      But what other explanation is there when you break four computers in three days?!

      All dramatics aside, my newfound ability to throw a whammy on all electronic devices within ten paces really is why my posts suddenly dried up. My Internet access has been severely limited, due to the fact that my regular computer, Winston, passed away of unexplained heart failure(something odd in the motherboard to the layman). My tablet has unfortunately lost its mind(and its wifi capabilities, sadly), the poor dear. The ancient laptop I borrowed from my father refused to be at all helpful the moment I touched it(and withheld the Internet once again). And finally the laptop my mother uses to entertain the babysitting kids threw a tantrum and refused to accept any sustenance(translation: the power supply failed) when I tried to use it.

     Ergo, I came to the conclusion that I must be cursed. Or extraordinarily unlucky.

    Either way, that is my explanation, and, now that most of the issues have been temporarily resolved, I shall try to get things up and running before I leave for the wilds of the Southwest.

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Cursed(or Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately)

  1. There’s a series of books where technology inexplicably (and ridiculously) malfunctions around wizards. I have been using that excuse for years to explain why previously well-behaved machines suddenly decide to throw temper tantrums around me. Welcome to the club. You’ve just discovered you have magic. 🙂

    • Hmm…would that explain why I broke the sink, too? I was starting to lean towards the possibility of simply having dormant superpowers, but being magical is another matter altogether… 😉

  2. Prilla

    NOOOO NOT POOR WINSTON!!!!! I shall mourn your (many) losses in electronics. Mayhaps I can help somehow? (Although it seems the curse has got to my household computers too. I pulled an allnighter recently trying to fix them and got nothing but a severe headache.)

    • Aww…*glomps* We can mourn together. Thanks for offering, but most of the issues have worked themselves out somewhat. We ordered a new power supply for Laptop #1( which really does need a name), Laptop #2 works as long as it has the software disc to run off of, the tablet is likely malfunctioning due to the poor service provided by Charter, and Winston…well…you know Winston. He dies every other month. There are plans to fix him once the school year starts, but I’m not holding my breath on him behaving.
      Is more stuff malfunctioning at your place, or is it the same as what you mentioned before?

  3. Maybe you have magical powers and you’ve been cursed…

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