Tumblr Roundup


The Internet can be both a fatal distraction and a lifesaving tool for the writer. Between specialized forums for research, online critique groups, writing prompt generators, and everything in between, there’s pretty much a site for anything.


And I think all of them are on Tumblr.


Here is a list of the most helpful, the most amusing, and my favorite Tumblr writing blogs.


1. reference for writers


The blog title describes it pretty well. The site provides random lists of obscure information on everything from martial arts to the daily routine of a police officer in Wales to how to escape from a coffin. It tends to go off-topic every now and again, but the posts are still writing-related and typically quite intriguing.


2. Prompts and Pointers


…is exactly what it sounds like. Generally, there are at least two, if not more writing prompts posted each day in a variety of categories(character, plot, etc.). All of them are thought-provoking and can generate plot-bunnies like you would not believe.


3. prose is architecture


Otherwise know as “worddocs.” Send a piece of your writing that just doesn’t seem to be working to these guys, and they’ll diagnose your problem!


4. writing prompts


The prompts are as wildly creative as the title is not. My Pinterest board is overflowing with prompts from this site that I want to write, but haven’t had the time to.


5. WriteWorld


The blog is a mishmash of everything writerly, from deliciously odd words to (sometimes startling) picture prompts to simple lists of words. A scroll through the archives can help spark quite a few ideas.


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One thought on “Tumblr Roundup

  1. Interesting. Almost enough to make me wish I’m that I’m on Tumblr.

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