Summer Schedule!

My apologies for my abrupt absence, but with school drawing to a close, I’ve been caught up in the mad dash to finish everything off for the year. Blogging was put on hold, for obvious reasons. However, I wasn’t entirely lazy when it came to looking after the blog. I’ve been working on the summer schedule, as well as a few ideas for improving the overall quality of the blog itself, so be on the lookout for new things from here on out. Here’s the (entirely changeable) preview of what I have in mind for doing throughout the summer months. There should be one main post per week, along with whatever writing prompts, exercises, and general miscellany I can manage thrown in between.

-The names post I promised ages ago is first up, and it’s already in the works.

-A piece on structure is already partially written.

-The ever-important topic of characterization next.

-The character-driven vs. plot-driven debate arrives on Sanity Optional.

-Setting. One of my least favorite aspects of fiction writing.

-A few thoughts on themes.

-A post on realism in fiction.

-Word usage: it’s complicated.

At which point, we hit a very, very important time in the summer. My family and I are going on a road trip from Missouri to my father’s home state of Arizona and back, taking two weeks and two separate routes to do it. Depending on how good my internet connection is, I may or may not be liveblogging the trip as general writing practice in lieu of the posts that I won’t have time to write while I’m off adventuring. We shall see. That’s quite a ways off yet, and I’m still too excited about the prospect of poking into ghost towns, sledding on sand dunes, and adding graffiti to Cadillac Ranch to think much beyond it.

Anyhow, that’s what’s in store, starting next week. Thanks for reading!


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