I’m Baaaack!

Well, folks, the Madrigal dinners are both over, and while they were fun, I’m glad to be done with them. Dad has had several tests to determine the cause of his recent illness, and while we’re still waiting on the results, he does feel significantly better. However, school is still a pressing matter, especially as the school year comes to a close. The most I can promise is one post a week.

Also, a big thank you to all you who’ve kept reading even with my erratic posting schedule.  I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. In light of your patience, I’m letting you choose the next post. Not exactly the best reward, I know, but still…

I have a vague outline of things I plan to do in the future, so just post your preference in the comments and I will get right on that.

-A review of the Hunger Games series (Fair warning, it ain’t gonna be favorable.)

-A post on villains, their role in fiction, and how to write them effectively (because I really need to work on that)

-A day-in-the-life–or otherwise personal–post(apparently, readers like that sort of thing, and I haven’t done much of it unless necessary)

-Review of The Runaway King

-A post concerning romance (…I have no words…which is a pretty good indicator that I need to work on that)

-A fun post (which I have an idea for, but which will remain a surprise)

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4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. Please make fun of mockingjay. Please, please, I beg of you, give that terrible book the review it deserves.

  2. Prilla

    Reniassance does too suit you, dear Zissa. I was the one who tripped over my own skirt around a million times during the duration of the dinner. 😉
    As far as your post concerning romance… I’m just sitting back in my desk chair and giggling my head off at the mere thought.

    • See?! This is why I have to write one! If I write about something, it means I have to collect my thoughts on it and do research and actually figure the stupid subject out!!!

  3. Kanon

    I vote for the one about villains!

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