You guys remember back when I did that post on writer’s block? How it didn’t exist, was simply a psychological fallacy, and was just generally an excuse to not write?Well…let me just say…I’m a total hypocrite as of now.

While not entirely relevant, this pic of the bridge down from my house blowing up is a decent metaphor.

While not entirely relevant, this pic of the bridge down from my house blowing up is a decent metaphor.

I have discovered that particular horror for myself. The past couple of months I’ve actually had serious trouble writing anything, let alone the novel sitting in my documents folder. Journaling, RPing, short stories, *cough* blogging–all of it has been surprisingly difficult. I would have a post or a story planned out in my head, but when I finally found time to sit down and write it, I would suddenly be too tired or too blank or have a headache or ANYTHING THAT WOULD SUFFICE AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO WRITE! It’s pretty pathetic, really, and that phenomenon is only now starting to fade. After losing a good three months of writing time on a novel I was supposed to have finished half a year ago. Oh, well. Lesson learned (I hope). Always have a plan. And always stick to the plan.

Though I wouldn’t put it past me to do it all over again if I get distracted, which is a fairly common–OOOH! DOCTOR WHO!!!!

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One thought on “Confession:

  1. Sometimes I think listening to your brain is the best thing you can do. I have a feeling you’ll be getting back to your novel as soon as you’re ready, and putting pressure on yourself to do it before you’re ready will be totally unproductive. You’ve managed to keep writing your blog despite the difficulties you’ve been having, so it sounds to me less like writer’s block and more like ‘Hoo boy, I need a break.’ So, well done for recognising that. Your book will be all the better for it!

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