Writing Prompt Monday (Actually on Monday this time!)

I’m hoping to actually be productive today. I figured I’d start by getting this out on time for the first time in six months–Yay, me!

The problem is that I’m running out of ideas for prompts. Phooey. I’ll come up with something eventually.


Q. Are your characters religious? If so, what do they believe? Is it obvious in their characterization?

A. Most of mine are, since…well…*cough* pastor’s kid, and all that jazz, but not all of them. The villains obviously aren’t, and there are a couple of side characters/semi-protagonists who, to quote dear Sherlock “may fight on the side of the angels, but don’t think for a second that they are angels.” It wasn’t exactly planned that way; said characters just popped up fully formed and that’s just the way they are for now.  *shrugs*

However, a significant amount of my characters are religious. My main character is because she’s an tenuous extension of me. Judging by the religions of the time period in her area, she probably would’ve been some sort of Anglican, though I tend to project my own beliefs onto her.

As far as the characterization, I have trouble with that aspect of character. Faith is such a personal experience that it’s difficult to put into words, particularly when you’re trying to use someone else’s words. But I’m working on it.

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One thought on “Writing Prompt Monday (Actually on Monday this time!)

  1. Anna

    Some of my characters are. However, some of them do fall away from their faith. For example, my character Marc becomes severely depressed after his brother commits suicide and his wife miscarries. He pretty much abandons God at that point. After he’s tossed into a Confederate prison, he sort of rediscovers his faith and tries to trust in God again.

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