Valentine’s Day Post: Favorite Fictional Couples

      One of my favorite blogs, Through Two Blue Eyes, did a lovely post on Favorite Movie Couples today and was kind enough to let me snitch the idea. Which lets me out of doing the serious post I’ve been struggling with and doing some fun fluff. Yay!

1. Flynn Carsen and Simone Renoir

Movie: The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice

      Flynn is from my favorite movie franchise of all time, and that’s probably a substantial part of why I love his relationship with Simone. It was just so…sweet. After seeing him grow and change throughout the first two movies, and seeing every girl he was ever interested in leave him, I couldn’t help rooting for him when he met Simone. She was essentially the only woman who could ever understand his job or how he felt about it. And then the ending(major spoilers, so I shan’t say)…I admit I cried.

2. Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler

Movie: Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

   …Do I even need to explain this one? They were so well-matched in the film, with the constant banter, incessant one-upping, and the little sweet moments. I love both of the actors behind them and they portrayed the characters so well. As for the ending they gave Irene in GoS….I would like to get five minutes alone with the person who made that decision.

3. Kit Walker and Diana Palmer

Movie: The Phantom

   Yes, I know, the movie was incredibly corny, but I liked the way the romance was handled. It was pretty much the only film with a romance that didn’t end with the couple either together, going their separate ways after rejection, or…dead. They both had better things to do at the time, but you knew they intended to come back to each other. It reminds me of that quote about true love letting go. Also, I just loved the character of Diana Palmer. She’s one of the best action movie heroines I’ve seen thus far.

 4. Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton

Movie: The Avengers

Technically, they aren’t a couple, but I count them as one, in my head, at least. The shared history and the obvious depth of the relationship–romantic or not–between them was cool to me. And really, isn’t a friendship better, anyways?

5. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

Movie: Anne of Green Gables

    This movie and its sequel were a bit out of my usual viewing range. In general, I’m more of an action movie and sci-fi girl, but I actually enjoyed these. Partially because I feel unreasonably similar to Anne(can I help it if I continually get into trouble???), partially because of the humor, and mostly because of Gilbert. Their relationship is so ridiculously sweet! It’s one of the few films in which you get to see the natural progression and growth of a friendship into a romance. It was adorable. I love it.



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