Writing Prompt Monday ~ Entry #CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         It’s tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s tomorrow! Well…not that it is tomorrow now, as that’s a physical impossibility and the actual “tomorrow” will never be, but you know what I mean. It honestly doesn’t feel like Christmas should be here yet. But all the same, here it is, looming up with the promise of fun, family time, and Doctor Who. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people beyond my dusty screen and may you have a safe and happy New Year! Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

         Obviously, today’s prompt must relate to the holiday.

Q. Using three(or more) random words from the generator, create characters who receive those items as Christmas gifts and describe what they would do with them.

A. My words are as follows: pocket watch, bubble, wire.

Hmmm…as for the pocket watch, the first thing that always comes to mind is of course that one Doctor Who episode. So I believe this person would be a Whovian, given the pocket-watch by her boyfriend with a “Will you marry me?” note tucked inside.She will obviously carry it with her the rest of her life. (Also, the boyfriend’s name is Alonso.)

For the bubble, it’s a man born without an immune system who, with his protective bubble, can leave the sterile environment of his home, travel the world, go Zorbing wherever he wishes, and lead a double life as a crime-fighter who bulldozes his opponents with his indestructible bubble.

And with the wire, it was given to a twelve year-old evil genius by his aunt and mentor in the business of eviling. He intends to create a full-sized ,solar-powered ion disrupter and was running low on copper-coated wire.

Your answer?

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One thought on “Writing Prompt Monday ~ Entry #CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anna

    Organ, payment, modification.
    Hm…for the organ, I’ll say it’s for a child with a terminal illness who needs an organ transplant to survive. His/her family had been praying for said organ, and they got the news that they had a donor on Christmas.
    Payment: That’s fairly obvious. A man recieves work payment in time to buy Christmas presents.
    modification: A young lady who’s neck had been marred in an accident recieces a gift card for plastic surgery. XD

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