Since this was originally a school project(that has gotten pushed aside by other school projects from time to time), I’ve been trying to put a bit more thought and effort and promotion into it lately. And that led me to Tumblr. Judging by the number of fanatical groups inhabiting said sphere of existence–most of which I am coincedentally a member of(Whovian, Sherlockian…erm…Avenger-ian?)–it’s a big thing. Therefore a place an inspiring writer/blogger should poke her nose into, si? So I did. And all I can say thus far is…”Wow…that was underwhelming.” Obviously, more thought and effort and perhaps some caffeine is in order.

Also, as far as things I did today, there was this, too. Evidently my phone is programmed to say “Allonsy!” as its greeting when it powers up and I hadn’t noticed this before now…Obviously, it was significant for a confirmed Whovian to suddenly have your phone flash “Allonsy!” across an otherwise blank screen for no apparent reason.


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2 thoughts on “So…Tumblr.

  1. Anna

    That may be the best GIF I have ever seen. XD

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