Lessons Learned

1. Choir concerts are simultaneously absolutely wonderful and absolute  murder.

2. Handholding for prayer is awkward in a mixed choir of 99.

3. Playing Just Dance in a peasant costume makes it twice as difficult as it usually is–and probably doubly amusing to watch.

4. It is in fact possible to make a working catapult in ten minutes.


5. Sword fights are perfectly acceptable as Christmas party entertainment.


6. School goes infinitely better when you actually have a plan–as I now do and feel substantially better about life in general because of it.

7. Never ever, ever watch Grimm if you have the smallest aversion to horror.

8. Christmas is undeniably the most fantastic, brilliant season of the year.

9. Family,friends(and book clubs), and faith make it what it is.

10. Compuer issues make blogging very difficult.

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8 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Kanon

    What was awkward as when our director was sitting in the middle waiting for someone to take HIS hand. >.<

    I wouldn't say the catapult worked. At least the aiming part of it. 😉 Ours did go the farthest though. ^.^

    • …Or having to hold the hand of a guy who happens to the brother of a certain nuisance…
      I fixed it the other day in preparation for letting my babysitting kids play with it. It works QUITE well, though I haven’t worked out the aim yet. >:D

  2. Kanon

    Haha, that would be pretty awkward. At least it wasn’t that certain nuisance. 🙂

    Nice. You should bring it to choir sometime. ^.^

    • True, true…it still made it difficult to concentrate on prayer. XD
      I’m sure Mr. Lee would really appreciate that. XD

  3. Kanon

    I didn’t say to fire it at anyone. Although that would be pretty funny.

  4. Prilla

    You think you’re handholding experience was bad? I got stuck on the other side with the basses and nearly died of claustrophobia. XP

    What about the full size catapult we were going to make…? #bookclubforever

  5. Prilla

    And I love how I understand the majority of these lessons because I was there… Lol 😉

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