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Writing Prompt Monday ~ Entry #CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         It’s tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s tomorrow! Well…not that it is tomorrow now, as that’s a physical impossibility and the actual “tomorrow” will never be, but you know what I mean. It honestly doesn’t feel like Christmas should be here yet. But all the same, here it is, looming up with the promise of fun, family time, and Doctor Who. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people beyond my dusty screen and may you have a safe and happy New Year! Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

         Obviously, today’s prompt must relate to the holiday.

Q. Using three(or more) random words from the generator, create characters who receive those items as Christmas gifts and describe what they would do with them.

A. My words are as follows: pocket watch, bubble, wire.

Hmmm…as for the pocket watch, the first thing that always comes to mind is of course that one Doctor Who episode. So I believe this person would be a Whovian, given the pocket-watch by her boyfriend with a “Will you marry me?” note tucked inside.She will obviously carry it with her the rest of her life. (Also, the boyfriend’s name is Alonso.)

For the bubble, it’s a man born without an immune system who, with his protective bubble, can leave the sterile environment of his home, travel the world, go Zorbing wherever he wishes, and lead a double life as a crime-fighter who bulldozes his opponents with his indestructible bubble.

And with the wire, it was given to a twelve year-old evil genius by his aunt and mentor in the business of eviling. He intends to create a full-sized ,solar-powered ion disrupter and was running low on copper-coated wire.

Your answer?

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Since this was originally a school project(that has gotten pushed aside by other school projects from time to time), I’ve been trying to put a bit more thought and effort and promotion into it lately. And that led me to Tumblr. Judging by the number of fanatical groups inhabiting said sphere of existence–most of which I am coincedentally a member of(Whovian, Sherlockian…erm…Avenger-ian?)–it’s a big thing. Therefore a place an inspiring writer/blogger should poke her nose into, si? So I did. And all I can say thus far is…”Wow…that was underwhelming.” Obviously, more thought and effort and perhaps some caffeine is in order.

Also, as far as things I did today, there was this, too. Evidently my phone is programmed to say “Allonsy!” as its greeting when it powers up and I hadn’t noticed this before now…Obviously, it was significant for a confirmed Whovian to suddenly have your phone flash “Allonsy!” across an otherwise blank screen for no apparent reason.


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Lessons Learned

1. Choir concerts are simultaneously absolutely wonderful and absolute  murder.

2. Handholding for prayer is awkward in a mixed choir of 99.

3. Playing Just Dance in a peasant costume makes it twice as difficult as it usually is–and probably doubly amusing to watch.

4. It is in fact possible to make a working catapult in ten minutes.


5. Sword fights are perfectly acceptable as Christmas party entertainment.


6. School goes infinitely better when you actually have a plan–as I now do and feel substantially better about life in general because of it.

7. Never ever, ever watch Grimm if you have the smallest aversion to horror.

8. Christmas is undeniably the most fantastic, brilliant season of the year.

9. Family,friends(and book clubs), and faith make it what it is.

10. Compuer issues make blogging very difficult.

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Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #12

WordPress is snowing. But it is currently 70 degrees outside. In December. *sobs* My life is ruined.

And now back to our regularly scheduled writing drivel, this week’s post relates to editing and polishing up your work. One thing I’ve noticed as I frantically try to finish the revisions on my novel before Christmas (just an abstract goal, I’m not going to curse anyone with it as a gift) is that you can lose a lot in editing. If you are–as I am–trying to work mainly on the plot, the prose itself can get lost in the scuffle and as such, sink your work just as quickly as a bad plot. Ergo, this week’s…assignment(it’s not technically a prompt, I suppose).

Q. Take 1-2 paragraphs of your current work. Give it a good spit-polish keeping these points in mind.

-Passive is bad.

Appropriate, gripping adjectives are good in small doses.

Awkward phrases are bad.

 Unnecessary words are also bad.

Run-on sentences are an evil spawned in the darkest pits of the dark side of the moon and should be killed on sight.


I’m starting with the first paragraphs of my novel. They really, really need help at the moment. Here is the unedited version…

“Before you’re sucked into the chaos that makes up my life, allow me to point out one thing. This was in no way my fault. Well…the stairwell incident sort of was, but that’s beside the point. All in all, I was just a perfect innocent (not a word I get to use often) who happened to get sucked into the blasted mess.

Then again, it isn’t unusual for me to be in trouble. But usually, it’s of my own making rather than something someone else planned for me to stumble into. A gadget gone wrong, a trip gone weird, or simply my own blasted curiosity typically catapults me into trouble—and I don’t mind. It can be one of the most amusing past-times for a peculiar person to get oneself in and out of trouble. This time, I wasn’t given the choice.”

And here is the edited version.

“Before you’re sucked into my three-ring circus of a life, allow to point out one very important little fact. The events of this tale were not my fault. Well…outside of the stairwell incident. That was probably me. But, either way, it’s beside the point. 

For once in my life, I can honestly say that I was an innocent bystander, sucked into trouble by a certain n’erdowell and forced to cause a bit of chaos of my own in the process of getting out.  Granted, it isn’t unusual for me to be embroiled in one mess or another, but I generally make it myself rather than letting someone else do it for me. One of my gizmos gone wrong, a trip gone wrong, or simply my own blasted curiosity–and I don’t mind. It can be vastly amusing for someone with a good sense of adventure and significant amounts of explosives. But someone else setting a trap for me to fall into? This was a first.”

Your answers?


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