Writing Prompt Monday – Entry # 11

Dude…it hasn’t even been a week since Thanksgiving and it already feels like it should be Christmas Eve. Christmas music, stores full of Christmas stuff, shopping horror stories, and it’s supposed to snow tonight–’tis now my favorite season.

And therefore, I’m doing Christmas early as well adding a new element to the Monday prompts.

Q. Using three or more random words from the generator, write a summary of a Christmas short story using the characters of your choosing.

Well, my words aren’t exactly Christmasy. But that’s part of the fun. 1.Blister. 2. Mill. 3. Second.

As per usual when a Churchill is involved, chaos ensues at the annual Christmas celebration. Five year-old Chance Griffin decides that fireworks are absolutely necessary for the perfect Christmas (and breaks into his mother’s lab to procure them) and very nearly blows himself to kingdom come while setting them. The adults(who aren’t much more responsible than young Chance) rush outside just in time to see said fireworks ignite the abandoned mill in the next field, which of course sparks a race to make sure the fire doesn’t spread to the surrounding fields and cottages. Luckily, a few blisters were the only injuries sustained. Unluckily, the mill owner and a humorless police chap were the second group on the scene. With a bit of quick talking from the silver tongue of Mr. Alec Griffin and a substantial settlement from a certain well-off Lord Flynn Churchill, all tempers quickly cooled off and everyone retired to the cottage to finish the interrupted Christmas dinner.

Your answers?

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11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry # 11

  1. Anna

    LUCKY!! It NEVER snows in NC. It was really cold yesterday, and was back to being warm today. XP
    My words:
    When a crippled boarder comes to stay at Nora’s boarding house, things become even crazier than normal. Whether he’s accidentally setting the kitchen on fire or flirting with Nora, he manages to get on everyone’s last nerve-including Ella May, who’s usually the pest around the house.
    Meanwhile, Nora’s praying that somehow, Marc will be able to get a furlough from the Confederate army in time for Christmas. But when a boarder’s toothbrush turns up poisoned, Ella May somehow catches a serious illness and a letter comes saying that Marc is missing in action, can the family somehow pull together in time to have a merry Christmas?

    Haha, that sounds crazier than a thread on North and South- and that’s saying something. XD

    • Dude, that does sound like a NaS thread. I want to read it, though. It sounds hilarious.
      Meh. We’re only supposed to get flurries, then it climbs back to the 60s by the end of the week. *sobs* I WANT A BLIZZARD!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Anna

        If I finish my novel before Christmas, I’ll write this πŸ˜€
        But still… SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good land… and I thought NC weather was bipolar O_o
        You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of who asks for a blizzard. XD

      • Hah! Missouri weather is infamous for being changeable. The saying goes that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.
        I loves snow. The more the better. I was beyond thrilled when we had that huge several-state snowstorm a couple years ago.

  2. Prilla

    I’ll only take snow if it comes on Monday or Tuesday night. That way I won’t have classes the next day. XD Otherwise, save it for Christmas or I hate you.
    Anna, Missouri weather is the most bipolar of all. We get snow one day and 70 degree temps the next.

  3. Anna

    Wow… that IS crazy weather. O_o
    I think the last time we had a really good snow (not including in the mountains, they’ve already gotten snow this year due to Sandy) was in 2008. I remember I got upset at my mom because she made me come inside from playing in the snow to watch Obama be inaugurated. XD

  4. Prilla

    *grumbles* I hate snow. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.
    Yo, were you guys affected by Sandy? We had some friends a couple hours away from the NC coast that we were worried about.

  5. Anna

    Just rain/cold weather πŸ˜› the mountains got some snow and I think the Outer Banks might have had some heavy rain… I’m assuming you weren’t since you live in the middle of the country XD

  6. Prilla

    We had actually been in DC/Baltimore a couple days before all the airports closed. Had the vacation been planned for any later, we would have likely gotten stuck in the middle of all the bad weather.

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