Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #10

Firstly, I have not in fact been abducted, horribly murdered,  thrown into a terribly engrossing adventure, or snatched by extraterrestrials.

It was a disappointing couple of weeks.

Anyways,  there’s been a lot of crazy stuff going on hereabouts, the least of which being that I’ve been sick for three weeks straight. Hence my prolonged absence. But I’m back now, and hopefully now that I have my school schedule worked out, we can get this blog back on track.

Q. It’s Thanksgiving! Write a short scene detailing your character’s idea of the perfect Thanksgiving.

Setting: Churchill Manor, London, England, 1895

A muffled kaboom shook the manor. Alec Griffin shot an inquiring glance at his wife, but Zissa shook her head vigorously.

“Nope. That one wasn’t mine.”

Corinn, now a perfect know-it-all at twenty, glanced up from folding napkins. “That would be Ami and the boys poking into what’s left of your lab, I’d wager. I heard Socrates say he’d run across a few of your discard explosives in the bookcase panel.”

Zissa grinned, setting down the turkey she held. Luckily for those planning to eat it, she hadn’t been the chef. Alec and Chance had meandered down to the village that morning and returned with a four-course Thanksgiving dinner cooked by one of the local kitchen masters who was acquainted with the American tradition. “I wondered what had happened to those…”

Flynn shook his head, plopping into his seat at the head of the table. “Would you mind taking them with you when you go? That’s the last thing Socrates and Ami need at their disposal.”

“Si…they get into enough trouble already.” Prilla nodded her agreement, then poked her husband in the ribs(with a sweet smile,naturally). “Caro, would you go fetch the troublemakers? I think we’re ready.”

“Right, then.” He gave an exaggerated sigh about the hardships of being forced to get up after just sitting down, but did it anyway. Zissa slid into the seat next to Alec and smirked.

“Come now…they can’t do any more harm than I ever did. They’d have fun, I think.”

“Zissa, dear, if they do half the damage you did, we’ll need a new house.” Prilla said, with an arched brow.

“Ooooh–can I design the secret passages?” A slightly singed Ami appeared behind her mother, grinning from ear to ear. Chance and Socrates, both completely covered in thick, black soot followed. Alec snorted, covering his mouth with one hand to smother the explosive laughter threatening to detonate. Flynn limped back to his spot, then glared at his sister.

“You know, I no longer have a conservatory, thanks to your leftovers.”

“No, no, Daddy, you still have one. Or…part of one. It’s just open-air now.” Ami grinned and Zissa grinned right along with her.

“See? Explosives. Marvelous things.”

Flynn sighed. ” Of all the things I have to be thankful for, a sane family isn’t one of them.”

“And lucky for you, neither is a dull one.” Zissa smiled at him and reached out to pat his hand(a distinctly ornery twinkle in her eyes). “Also, you’ve got the only open-air conservatory in the county.”

“Oy.” Flynn rolled his eyes, a chuckle breaking through. “Considering thatwe have you to thank for the day’s excitement, I elect you to bless the food.”

“Why, certainly.” Zissa chuckled as the joined hands (some of them rather sooty). It was shaping up to be an offbeat day. It always did when the entire family was together. And Zissa was immensely grateful for a chance to all be offbeat together. It was perfect.

Well, certainly not my best effort, but oh, well. It’s been a busy day and my brain is probably over-easy by now. Your answers?

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6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #10

  1. Prilla

    I’d write my own, but considering I’m actually in your version, and it’s far better than I could do… I’ll just applaud you on your work. XD

    • Meh…it wasn’t that good. It felt forced. Still, I had to do something, and I managed to finish it, so I guess I’ll count it a success. 😀

  2. Prilla

    Of course it’s a success! *sigh* You remember the New Madrid Christmas/Thanksgivings… Good times… XD

  3. Anna

    My novel’s in 1861, so I’ll just send my charries time-traveling up a few years to enjoy Thanksgiving 😀

  4. I just wanted to say I really, really like your style of writing. If this piece was ‘forced’, then your talents are formidable indeed! 🙂 I enjoyed it very much.

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