Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #9

I seem to have an uncanny ability to collect scars. If I fall or scrape a knee or even get scratched by a cat, I’ve got an automatic new scar. But then again, everyone has scars of some sort. And typically an awesome story to go with all of them. Therefore, it makes sense that your characters would have a couple of their own.

Q. Does your MC have a scar/multiple scars? List them and how they got them.


Zissa Churchill: “Do I have scars? Oh, good grief, yes. You can’t be an adventurer–or even just an inventor–for long without collecting a few. Erm…as far as listing them, I don’t even remember how I came by some of them. *dark look* Though some are rather memorable. There’s a small burn mark on the inside of my left wrist; it happened two days before I ran away from England and in the process of trying to get my late mother’s jewels back.  A cut across my ribcage from an explosion I was in last year. Another along my ankle from the incident in Prague. Honestly, there are too many to mention.”

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #9

  1. Prilla

    Prilla doesn’t have many, she’s been too sheltered to really get any injuries. There’s a small one on the inside of her right arm from getting burnt while trying to learn how to cook (something she cannot do for the life of her.) and another on her left side from jumping off her balcony with the intention of learning how to fly when she was five. She refuses to elaborate on that particular incident.

  2. Anna

    American Nora… where to begin? XD she grew up on the streets, so there are many small scars across her legs drum unattended injuries. She has one traveling from the back of her ear into her hairline, though she usually covers it with her hair. And she has one on the inside of her wrist from a hostage situation.

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