The Ten Commandments of My Story World

In trying to put together an entire universe for a series of novels and trying to sort out all the characters that fit into said universe, certain patterns start to emerge. The rules of the universe start showing up and eventually wind up almost set in stones. And they kinda come in handy once they’re established. If you’re stuck on determining the future of a character or the plot to throw him/her into, looking back on previous patterns can spark whole new ideas. These are the Ten Commandments for my stories. What are yours?

1. If something can go wrong, it will do so in the most dramatic way possible. Probably involving explosives, evil relatives, escaped circus beasts, or all three.

2. If a person of the opposite sex irks you beyond measure, you should try to get used to it. You’re probably going to marry them.

3. Vacations, business trips, and any other type of travel will always go haywire and end in either a grand adventure or a terrible tragedy. In some cases, both.

4. Never trust someone who appears normal; only the crazy ones are safe.   I mean, c’mon…if they hide their crazy side, what else are they hiding?

5. Family can either be a very good or a very bad thing. There is no middle ground. They’ll be either the staunchest allies you could hope for or the worst enemies you could ever imagine.

6.Normal does not exist. Anywhere. Ever.  Come to think of it, that sounds about right for the real world, too.

7. Everyone has a stories, both good and bad, and all worth telling.  You may have to dig deep to find it, but even the most heartless, bland, or inherently evil character has something intriguing in their background.

8.Adventure is unavoidable. And why would you want to anyway? Almost all of the inhabitants of my world are slightly insane and have no qualms about jumping headfirst into trouble.

9. A friend is the very best thing you can have when in a jam. They’re even better than explosives!

10. A hero will always be a hero in the end, and the end will always be happy eventually.  Some characters just take a while to remember that they are in fact supposed to be heroes.

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