Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #8

Well…I’m back in one slightly traumatized piece from what was quite possibly the most harrowing trip of my lifetime thus far (I’m sure that, with my family history, I’ll one up myself eventually.). We were in the first car accident I’ve ever experienced, ended up with a pair of grumpy, rude, inefficient officers taking our statement and leaving both of us in tears, and came back to the hotel to find our bathroom ceiling dripping.

No offense, but I hate Ohio.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. No one was hurt in the accident, we didn’t get dangerously lost, the ceiling was eventually fixed, and the Youth Challenge services were awesome. God is good, even if I tend to forget it at times.

So, on to the business at hand! This was inevitable, considering the time of year. I know it’s predictable, but it’s also fun.

Q. What would your character dress up as for a costume party?


Zissa Churchill:

I had a surprising amount of trouble pinning down what Zissa would wear, but (bending the time-line slightly) I think she would’ve picked Irene Adler. I get the feeling that had she read that particular Holmes story it would’ve been her favorite solely because of Adler.

Irene Adler

Irene Adler (Photo credit: Arkana de Eidos)

Flynn Churchill:

Flynn would sulk in his room, refusing to dress up until someone dragged him kicking and screaming out to a costume shop and shoved him inside. But I think he would choose a pirate after he finished seething. He was mistaken for one after he was shanghaied in San Francisco and he loves sailing the seven seas anyway.

Will Turner

Will Turner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enola Graves:

A vampire, most likely. She’s about as much a creature of the night as they are.


Vampires (Photo credit: Velovotee)

Alec Griffin:

Robin Hood. It was his favorite book growing up and he’s rather a kindred spirit to the character.

With Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Ho...

With Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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13 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #8

  1. Prilla

    Dude, you do realize I’d planned on dressing Flynn as a pirate in my story? Our minds think too much alike… 😉
    Prilla would also be a pirate, or saloon girl, or something equally rebellious. Any costume that was pretty and expressed her desire to be a rebel would appease her.

    • BAHAHAHAHA! That’s entirely awesome. I can imagine him sulking around Venice pouting because he has to wear a costume.
      XD Of course.

  2. Anna

    Nora (the British version) would probably wear an elegant dress and a masquerade mask. Something simple and refined.

    • Oooh–I didn’t realize she was British. Awesome.

      • Anna

        There are two Nora’s. Deadly, flirtatious, American Nora, and sweet British Nora. The only things they have in common is their name, good looks and good taste in clothing. XD

  3. Prilla

    There’s no possible way Prilla’s gonna let him sulk on the best night of her life. XD

  4. Prilla

    Then why don’t you pop on in the Dropbox and write that part yourself. *smirks*

    • 1.Because it’s your story. It has to play out your way. (Also, it would ruin my master plan to turn you into a writer. 😉 ) 2. I’m trying to finish the other Flynn story. It’s almost done and I’m trying to finish it in the fifteen minutes I have before church.

  5. Prilla

    *explodes* I AM NOT A WRITER AND NEVER SHALL BE!!!!!!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Prilla

    Some may say so, but unfortunately it’s something I don’t particularly enjoy. I’m more of a reader/editor/harsh critic than a writer. 😉

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