Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #7

I am in the draining process of coming down with the latest virus circulated by munchkins under age five (a.k.a.- my babysitting kids). Therefore, I’m forced to stumble around the house like a feverish, light-headed zombie who craves a nap instead of brains. It’s not fun. Which brings me to this week’s prompt, and–surprise!–it’s a two parter.

Q. Suppose your main character is sick. How does he/she deal with it?

A. Zissa would probably hide out in her room, burrowed into her bed with a book and a cloud of handkerchiefs and only emerge from her cocoon to find fluids and deal with…erm…bodily functions. Also, she would either ignore anyone who tried to talk to her while she was so utterly miserable or she would snarl at them, and leave them with singed spats from her patent deathglare.

Q. How would you plot change if your main character fell ill, and the narration was handed off to a secondary character? Would it still work? 

A. Well, generally speaking, the plot that I have wouldn’t work. All the things that Zissa has at stake are the kickers of the conflict. If I dropped it all on Alec or Prilla, it just wouldn’t have the same impact. But if I absolutely had to…I suppose the romance element would end up becoming the main focus if Zissa was sick, because Alec would have to take care of her. *gag* Not happening. Ever. It’s hard enough to write as it is. And if Prilla was stuck with it–chaos. Utter chaos (Hi, Prills! 😉 ). I can’t even describe the madness that would occur if she became the main character in that plot. The interactions with Enola, dealing with Alec, the ball–it would be a mess. A hilarious mess, but a mess.

Your answer?

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One thought on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #7

  1. Prilla

    *snickers* Chaos indeed…

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