If Not for Physics, Finances, and Reality…

There seem to be a lot of things that, no matter how much we want them, are impossible or at the very least highly unlikely. But dreams (and about a billion daydreams that I play over and over in my head) are perfectly admissible. As are lists of said things. I came across this idea on a post on Through Two Blue Eyes which I have wanted to copy since I saw it, but haven’t been able to since I was planning on doing just a writing blog. But since I’m having difficulty generating ideas, I’m loosening the blog definition a bit.

Things I Would Do If I Could

1. Travel with the Doctor

Sorry in advance to my friends and family and all, but I’d take off to see the universe in a heartbeat. Besides, I’d come back eventually. As long as I didn’t die. Which, considering that I’m a really slow runner, would be a distinct possibility. Still, I’d go.

2. Go to ALL the cities

This one is technically possible, but highly unlikely with my limited funds. Traveling the world is one of my bigger (real) dreams, and unfortunately, not an easy one to manage in the current economy. But I shall do it. Eventually. And even if I can’t get to the rest, I. Am. Going. To. London.

3. Be a superhero for a day

Honestly, I wouldn’t want it for more than a day. Being super, while endlessly entertaining to read about in the comics, would be utterly terrible in real life. You’d have friends always dying and coming back to life, people trying to kill you for no reason, powers that could go haywire, aliens attacking every five minutes–yeah, it’s a mess. But it would be awesome for a day.

4. Serve on a Federation starship for one adventure.

Because, again, it would be a terrible long term lifestyle. If you aren’t a main character, your chance of survival is practically nil what with spatial distortions, temporal rifts, hostile species, and…Q. But I think one adventure would be a lot of fun. As long as I wasn’t wearing a red shirt.

5. Become an amazing archer

Again, this one is…possible(though I doubt I’ll be jumping off buildings), though I’m still in the process of saving up for equipment. It’s always looked so awesome in movies when the hero/heroine takes a shot and it comes out perfect. And it felt wonderful even taking terrible shots at the archery program I went to. So, Hawkeye is what I’m aiming for (pun not intended, but kept).

6. Be a fly on the wall for a Sherlock Holmes case

Because I’m not smart enough to keep up with him and I’m too sensitive to take hanging out with someone who routinely insults people less intelligent than himself. Still, I’d love for him to be real and to be able to see him work.

7. Star in a real-life Disney film

Hey, what could be better than having an epic adventure with a happy ending and your perfect hero at the end? It would be lovely if real life could turn out the same way. And speaking of happy endings…

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3 thoughts on “If Not for Physics, Finances, and Reality…

  1. Prilla

    You’re not going anywhere awesome without taking me with you.

  2. Prilla

    If it meant traveling the world, yes.

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