Writing Prompt Monday – Entry Something-or-other

How do your characters respond to authority and authority figures? Absolute obedience? Grudging acceptance? Outright mockery?

A. Hmmm…That depends from character to character with me. Though almost all of them have issues of some sort with doing what they’re told (and you can think what you will of that). Here are their responses, character by character.

  Zissa Churchill: “Well…that hinges entirely upon who exactly is trying to give orders. If I respect or even like the person, I’m likely to do what they ask. Otherwise, they’ll have better luck building a snowman in Death Valley.

Flynn Churchill: “In general, I’m an agreeable fellow. But I don’t appreciate someone attempting to make my decisions for me. If said figure is my employer or someone otherwise qualified to issue orders, fine–unless they’re idiotic orders, in which case they will be duly ignored–but anyone else is going to have to find a different lackey.

Enola Graves: “No. I do not care who it is; I do what I wish.”

Benedict Churchill: “Of course. Following the accepted system is absolutely mandatory for an efficient, cohesive business, family, or other organization.*glares at Flynn and Zissa* Hence why my own is less than ideal.”

And your answers? (Gifs aren’t mandatory. But they’re fun.)

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2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry Something-or-other

  1. Prilla


    Prilla Rossi: You kidding? Rebel is my middle name.* However if I deem it necessary, I will follow authority. That is, when it’s absolutely not possible for me to be the leader…

    *Okay, so maybe not my real middle name… But still. Close enough.

  2. *claps* Good job, mi amica. I find it amusing that a supposed non-writer is answering almost all of my writing prompts…XD

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