Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #6

*yawns* I really don’t like Mondays…But the prompt project helps a little. Anyways, today’s prompt, as usual, was inspired by current events from the life of yours truly. Take a stab at it(wouldn’t recommend that in the literal sense) and feel free to comment below.

Q. How would your character react if someone they loved suddenly appeared to be dying (e.g. choking, cardiac arrest, drowning, etc.)? Would they try to help? Go into hysterics? Cackle because they’re going to get the inheritance?

A. I have quite a few different characters to work with at the moment, since I’m alternating between several projects, but I’ll go with the primary two, Flynn and Zissa.

Zissa: She would immediately dive into help. Since she started medical school (but didn’t get to finish), she has some knowledge and might actually be able to do something. With it being someone she loved, she’d be terrified on the inside, but cool and efficient on the outside. Though I’d wager her hands would be shaking a bit.

Flynn: Flynn would probably start dying, too. When he loves, he loves deeply, to the very core. He appears to have a very tender heart and if someone he cares for is in distress, so is he. He’d do his best to help, but he’d be going utterly nuts at the same time.

Your Answer?

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One thought on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #6

  1. Anna

    My character Ethan, a Confederate soldier accidentally killed his bro in battle (oopsie) so he knows just what it feels like on a much larger scale. It’s thrown him into mental collapse prettymuch…

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