Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #5

My apologies for being so late with the post. I was babysitting this morning, trying out archery this afternoon, and trying to do school this evening. Busy day, to say the least. BUT I GOT TO PLAY WITH A BOW AND ARROW!!! Now, I want my own.

But, back to the topic at hand…writing prompts. Due to my weapon-filled day, we’re gonna have a weapon-themed prompt.

Q. How does your character feel about weapons and the violence connected with them? Does he/she have a weapon? Do they carry it with them? Write an interview style response with one of your characters.

A. Flynn Churchill:

“Weapons? It rather depends upon whose hands they’re in, as to whether or not I like them. They’re ruddy useful things when you’re in trouble, but I don’t like solving problems and getting out of scrapes that way. It sort of feels like…cheating.
Pulling a pistol or a knife takes all the challenge (and therefore the fun) out of it. Though, on the other hand, if someone’s about to kill you, it’s hardly fun, anyways. Weapons can be very handy in certain dire circumstances.

Concerning violence…I don’t like it, weapon-related or not. But humans have always been violent creatures, and it’s better to be armed and ready for it than unprepared. When I studying the Indian ruins in Arizona, practically every chap I met carried at least one gun (if not more) and a knife. Typically, those were the chaps that survived.

Sometimes. In my younger days, I did not. If I needed one, I usually improvised with what was around me–fireplace pokers, chairs, priceless vases–and made do. Now that I have to carry a blasted cane, I occasionally take the one with the sword in it. Or the one with the dagger. Or possibly the shillaly.”

Your answer? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #5

  1. Anna

    DUDE. You can shoot an arrow? 😀

    • Yeppers! That’s me in the picture. 😀 I’m now saving up to buy my own compound bow.

      • Anna

        DUDE. Awesomeness 😀
        I love your characters. You always do such a great job making them feel realistic yet still fun. I think this week’s prompt if my favorite because we get more Flynn 😀

      • Definitely awesomeness. It’s just driving me nuts having to wait until I’m not broke to buy a bow. XD
        Awww…*glomps* Thank you! I try. That’s kinda the point of doing all these character questionnaire thingies. It really helps me get to know the characters better.

  2. Prilla

    I’m getting one for Christmas… Real weapons make me very, very happy… Hehehehehehehe…

    • Me,too! I’m hoping to get mine sometime in November. They have one I like at Cabela’s.
      In reference to the photo, my uncle(who is a hunter) was very impressed that we were doing archery. Once again, the OTR astounds the general public. XD

  3. Prilla

    The OTR’s never fail to impress (or terrorize) the general public, cara. XD
    Btw, you’re the one who said you knew of a paintball place, right? Mind getting the planning on that started for me? *evil grin*

  4. Prilla

    Do you remember who it was who said they had a place close to their house, then? (You know you want to play paintball. I know you know you do. XD)

    • I almost think it was Shannon, but I’m not sure…(I do. But do you know if it’s one of those places that requires a ton of protective gear? It might be difficult to do the leg-protectors in a skirt. I may have to skip.)

  5. Prilla

    *shrugs* I’d hope there was protective gear if there’s weapons involved. XD I’ll keep looking around.

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