Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #4

Wow…guys, this blog is less than a hundred views away from being viewed one thousand times. That’s a lot of views. A lot of people. A lot of reading. A lot of affirmation for a certain young writer who is altogether too excited about people actually reading her work. So, thanks, guys! *blows kisses*

In other announcements (since I’m rather excited about it and have no one else to tell), I am officially in possession of my cover art! Now I can send the novel for binding as soon as I finish revisions. As you can guess, I’m bouncing off the walls with the thought of actually holding a copy of my first novel in a form other than a flashdrive sometime before Christmas.

Now, on to business…this week’s prompt. We’re popping back to characters this week, since they’re my favorite part of writing. Salud!

Q. How does your character feel about thunderstorms? What memories do they bring up? Do they make them restless or lethargic? Love them or hate them? What do they do on stormy days?

A. Well, since I’ve used Zissa for all the previous prompts, I think I’ll switch over to a character I’m developing for a later series, Elle Ross. Elle rather likes thunderstorms, as long as they don’t get too serious. She loves walking around in them with the hood of her cloak up, particularly at night, because it makes her feel dangerous and mysterious, like the characters in her books. They also remind her of her trips to and from Arizona (where her parents are homesteading) and tend to make her feel a little lonely and homesick for her family. Typically, a good rolling thunderstorm stirs her up and does make her restless. Unless she’s already upset, in which case, they make her want to go collapse on her bed and bawl. When she doesn’t happen to be working at the bookshop on rainy days, she’ll be at home working on her latest novel and trying to avoid her Aunt Constance’s attempts to foist suitors upon her.

Your Answer?

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One thought on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #4

  1. Anna

    I shall use James 😀
    James hates thunderstorms. It was storming when his family was evicted from their house. So it pulls up memories he would rather forget… though it does remind him to pray for them. When it storms he usually just curls up in the corner of whatever train box car he’s currently in (he’s homeless during the Great Depression) and tries to go to sleep.

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