Writing Challenge ~ Day 3 ~ Your Novel’s Soundtrack

Since I’m trying to catch up on this thing and am currently sitting in a library with nothing to do, I’m going to go ahead and write up this challenge, too. Honestly, it’s the one I was looking forward to the most, anyways. I love picking out writing songs. So, here you are…now presenting the soundtrack for The Misadventures of a Victorian Vagabond: The Inventor’s Imbroglio by various artists.

I figured this would work for the first couple of chapters since it progresses in the same manner the song does. Nice and calm one minute, then huge fight the next.

And then this for the whole escape and train-jumping thing that occurs in Chapter Two.

This is Alec and Zissa trying to get along. Imagine lots of bickering…

These two characterize the mystery and Zissa’s attempts to figure it all out.

This is Chap. 14. Sappy things happen in Chap. 14.

This is Alistair and Prilla trying to cooperate with each other.

Alec and Zissa’s adventures in the Embassy.

This is the climax. Obviously.

And this is Zissa’s theme.
As for an overall tone, it sounds like a Victorian adventure. Which is good, since that’s what the novel is. It sounds like it uses a lot of humor and action, with intermittent romance and drama. Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge ~ Day 3 ~ Your Novel’s Soundtrack

  1. Prilla

    All you have to do is look at what these couple songs are from, and BAM. There’s Carissa in a nutsheel for ya. XD

    • Well, considering that novel is essentially what my life would be like if I could choose it(minus the family drama and being hated by the world at large), that makes sense. XD
      Did you actually listen to any of them?

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