Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #3

I can’t believe I’ve actually kept this up for three consecutive weeks. Amazing. Anyways, here is this week’s prompt–and I will warn you, it’s slightly different this week. Instead of focusing on the characters, we’ll be delving into plot. Salud!

Q. What would happen to your plot if you chopped off the last two chapters? How would you rework the ending? How would the story be different? How would your characters be different? Write that ending (or a small portion of that ending) to see how it turns out.

A. Well, for starters, both of my main characters would be dead, considering that there’s a massive explosion in the previous chapter and everyone thinks they’re both dead until the final chapter. And that would throw a major monkey-wrench into the plot. As far as re-working the ending, I suppose I would have to write a sad, deeply dramatic funeral scene that could pass the series baton off to either Flynn or Prilla. Though I highly doubt anyone would want to read anymore of the series if I killed off both Zissa and Alec in one fell swoop.

The whole tone of the story would have to change to accommodate an ending like that, going from a slightly goofy action-adventure to a serious, rather dark action-adventure/ Romeo and Juliet. I would hate it.

And as for the characters…whoo. Prilla would have serious issues, Alistair would go even colder than his usual icy facade, and Theo’s eating habits would go utterly nuclear. Flynn would go jaded wayyyy too early for my original plotline and Enola would probably snap and turn into a ruthless serial killer. Bad things would happen…Which is a major risk when your characters are already half-insane before you give them a major tragedy, I guess.

So, that’s how my story ended(and despite recommending that you do, I ain’t writing it up because I hate sad endings. End of story. No pun intended.)…how about yours?

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7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #3

  1. Prilla

    Oh my… You’re novel would be downright horrifying if you took off the last two chapters. I- oops, Prilla, would go mentally insane and probably die shortly thereafter Zissa does.

  2. Prilla

    Yeah… The ending is enough to make whatever reader who is eating/drinking something while reading choke on it and nearly die from suffocation. (… don’t ask if I’m speaking from experience.)

  3. Anna

    I liked the ending of book one (: it actually made me tear up. (In a good way.)

  4. Prilla

    I meant it was so good and surprising that I choked! XD
    Yes, thank you for adding that, Anna.

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