It’s So Fluffy!

*sigh*I’m beginning to think that all my creativity lies in finding new ways to not write.

Over the course of the last novel, I’ve had about a trillion ideas for cute little scenes between characters or possibly tragic vignettes or dramatic one-shots. But  none of them seem to fit anywhere! It’s really quite frustrating because they look awesome playing out in my head, but I feel like a total slacker if I actually take time away from actually writing the novel to work on mini-projects. Until last night.

It occurred to me that, as the author, it just might be handy to have all the little bits and pieces of your characters’ past lives–whether they relate to the story or not–written out. After all, the more pages devoted to each character, the more deeply you know them and the more developed they become in the real novel, right? And no one ever has to even read them to make them worthwhile.

Also, it’s a grand excuse to write utter fluff and still feel productive.

1. Character Development Scenes

The scene I’m working on right now occurs sometime during my MC’s teen years and consists of a neat, little cross-section of what her life looks like after her parents pass on, essentially leaving her to be raised by her elder brothers and the household staff. Hence why she turns into one of the most unorthodox, slightly off-the-wall Victorian ladies you’re likely to come across. It shows her relationship to both brothers and, in a way, foreshadows her life to come.

I’ve got a couple more ideas for similar scenes between various other characters, and the outlines alone are already sparking ideas that are actually usable in the novels. So, if you ever have the inclination, I would say writing up scenes from your charries’ pasts, even if they aren’t going to be used, would be worth your while.

2. Things That Happen Off-Screen

Over the course of the series I have outlined for my characters, there are approximately two deaths, a wedding, three births, and several romances that all happen off-screen. I have absolutely no idea how those things go down, simply that they eventually do. And if I don’t know, then the characters sure don’t know what’s going on. As it is, I just have bare bones ideas of what happens. Enola and Theo fall for each other. Inigo dies heroically. Flynn marries some random person, has a son, and then the random person dies. See? Not particularly interesting. So I’m going to write those scenes as I have time to so that perhaps the scenes in the novels themselves will be that much more real.

3. Things From A Possible Future

Not to sound like one of my sci-fi fandoms, but assuming you aren’t entirely sure of how your character’s life is going to play out, you can take their possible lives out for a test drive, so to speak. I’ve tried it on various occasions to see which scenarios felt the most natural for the character. Which ones seemed to flow as if they were meant to be. And which ones had to be dragged out of my head kicking and screaming.

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13 thoughts on “It’s So Fluffy!

  1. Prilla

    You said Inigo could be maliciously abducted by pirates. *glares*
    That, and you realize we’ve spent a ton of time doing all three things you mentioned. XD I think between you and me, we probably drove Mrs. Korhammer nuts by using the same plot and charries for all the creative writing assignments.

    • *eyebrow* I seem to recall refuting that idea.
      Only parts of it. There are some rather huge gaps in Zissa, Flynn, and Prill’s lives.(Speaking of that, I’m loving the Venice story so far.)
      XD Yep. I remember getting some really odd looks when she would hand stuff back.

  2. Prilla

    But you forget I like that idea. Alot. it fits his character well.
    True… But we’ve literally made them real live humans. XD
    Yay! I’ll have more time to work on it tomorrow during the long haul down to my gma’s.
    And then one time she asked me who Zissa Churchill was… I was just like, “Oh… She’s a friend…” Only to get another weird look. XD

    • Yes, but pirates were rare by 1870. It doesn’t work with story. it feels gratuitous.
      In a way, they already were, since we just took elements from our own personalities and exaggerated them. XD
      XD Good answer. She thinks I’m a quiet, meek little nerd who’s too shy to talk to anyone, but adults or do anything except read. *evil laugh* My disguise has remained intact.

  3. Prilla

    BUT I LIKE PIRATES. Seafaring evildoers then? Please!?!?!?!?
    XD Some personalities more than others…
    And she thinks I’m crazy. I painted her an ornament for Christmas and then she forced me to do improv for the class on the last day.

    • *sigh* But there isn’t TIME for them to be at sea. In the timeline i came up with, they get married, leave for a month-long honeymoon, he dies on said honeymoon, and Prilla comes looking for Zissa while she’s embroiled in the circus affair. Considering the speed of sea travel at that time, it doesn’t work! Isn’t there some other way you want your husband to die?(Not a sentence I thought I would ever say.)
      Bahahaha. She was always encouraging me to talk to people and go for things.

  4. Prilla

    (Not a sentence I’d ever want to hear. XD) No. There is no other way. Maybe he can leave for important business in his hometown by himself after the honeymoon? That way we can just keep him out of the way and give Prilla plenty of time to be bored enough to cause lots of trouble. 😀

    I didn’t get any encouragement. Just, “Don’t draw on all your papers.”

  5. Anna

    O.O Goodnes… that was an interesting conversation. XD
    I do all those all. The. Time. I’d have a novel’s amount of stuff if I added it all together. XD
    (My other productive time waster is swooning at pictures of across and saying I’m finding character models. XD)

    • Heh heh…Just pretend you didn’t hear any of that.
      Yeppers. They can be a lot of fun to do. I’ve got two of them going right now, plus the two novels. XD

  6. Anna

    Anyone reading g your blog who didn’t know what you were talking about would be very frightened. XD
    *Actors!! Stupid auto correct.
    oh yes. It’s partially wy I have so many pictures of Andrew Garfield. XD

  7. Prilla

    … Oh please, I think Ziss’s pretty much branded me as the “Crazy fake-Italian BFF” by now. I’d think the blog readers know to avoid me.
    Yes… Hot actors for character models… *swoons too*

  8. It’s not like anyone except you two ever comments anyways. Or at least very rarely.
    *sigh* Actors…

  9. Prilla

    Don’t get me started on hot guys on the internet… Type “hot guy” into Pinterest and then prepare to die. XD

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