Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #2

Look out the nearest window and insert one of your characters into the scene, regardless of where it is. What is he/she doing? How are they acting? Why are they there? Let me know in the comments!

        My Answer:

Considering that my window is on the second story and has an absolutely lovely view of my neighbor’s roof, this could be interesting. Apparently, Zissa, my main character is perching on the peak of the roof to get the TV antennae, to which she would attach one of her patent listening devices and spy on my poor neighbor because she suspects him of something despicable and nefarious. She’s acting slightly nervous because it’s a ways up, after all, and she’s shooting rather worried glances at the sky because it appears to be about to rain.

So. What are your charries up to?

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4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday – Entry #2

  1. Anna

    Guess I’m sending Sybil to my neighbor’s house! Keep in mind she’s from the 1800s and is very confused by anything modern.
    The whole thing was odd.
    First off, the house was huge as a mansion, yet covered by some odd gray material. It had an enclosure right behind it, surrounded by smooth, light colored pebbles. The yard had many rectangular boxes dangling off posts and tree limbs, small holes in the middle. Bird chirps could b” heard from inside. Metal boxes hummed along the house’s side. I raised my eyebrows at the peculiar setup.
    stepping onto steps leading to a large back porch, I ran my hand along the rails covered in peeling pant and exposed nails. Why would someone live in a house this big, yet let their porch fall into such an untidy state? Everything about the house was puzzling.
    And it was about to get even more confusing.
    The circular enclosure I’d seen earlier was filled with water! A ladder, made of lightweight material, dropped in, apparently inviting people to get inside. I knelt down beside it, tucking my petticoats under my knees to keel my skirt safe. What on earth was this odd place?
    (So… yeah. Not the best I’ve ever written. But still fun. XD)

  2. Anna

    Ooooh! Write and post it!

  3. Prilla

    Yeah… I’m not even gonna try to compete with that, Anna. XD

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