It Can Take You Anywhere…

After seeing a post about this from a teen blog I follow, it inspired me to do one of my own. As I’ve mentioned in another post, I do occasionally like to use soundtracks when I’m writing. I haven’t been able to lately due to computer issues (blasted, contrary creatures…), but when I do, these are my favorite pieces and composers. So, enjoy! And feel free to share yours in the comments, since I’m always on the lookout for new songs to add to my arsenal.

1. Murray Gold

I. Can’t. Say. Enough. The man is totally brilliant! For those of you who don’t know, he’s been the composer behind the Doctor Who soundtrack since the beginning of the rebooted show (I think) and has managed to keep bringing fresh, imaginative, emotional music to each episode and the varied emotions therein. Honestly, most of my writing playlists are made up of his stuff because his work has an uncanny knack of bringing up a maelstrom of emotions. He has everything from happy-go-lucky songs to full-on, over-the-top climax pieces. These two are my favorites:

2. Anything by Michael Giacchino

From his work on the Star Trek reboot to his Pixar films, I have yet to meet a Giacchino soundtrack that I didn’t like. Most of the pieces I’ve heard have had a nice, upbeat rhythm to them (unless it’s a major climax scene or something) and I really like his style. Also, his work is varied, so you can generally use something of his in whatever you’re writing. That’s always handy.

3. Sherlocked

The ultimate sad song from the ultimate sad relationship. Though I had mixed feelings about the episode(THEY RUINED IRENE ADLER!!!!RUINED HER!!!!) from which this piece came, I love the piece itself. If you want a real tearjerker scene, play this in the background. It’s utterly perfect for it. The rest of the Sherlock: Series Two soundtrack isn’t bad, either, but I think this is the best.

4. Mysterious Themes…

Talking about this one tonight of all nights is rather disturbing. It’s been gray and raining off and on all day, it’s been somewhat windy, tonight is a full moon (a blue one, at that), and it’s surprisingly cold for the last night of August. It feels like a rather mysterious night. And I dare you to find more mysterious themes. My dad (the finder of brilliant TV shows) found both of these, and I immediately jumped on the themes.

I also like that that one sounds kinda steampunky.

5. Romance Songs…How Sweet.

Writing romance has always been…a problem for me. Since I’ve never had a significant other(nor do I intend to for some time), figuring out exactly how people act while in love is somewhat difficult. Therefore, I need all the help I can get, including good music. Hence, these songs. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share.

(Yeah, I know it’s a Murray Gold, but I consider it a love song. My selection is somewhat limited.)

6. John Williams

Tried and true, boring old classic, yes, I know. But I like him! You have to admit, his work is some of the most brilliant movie music of the century, if not all time. My favorites include the Indiana Jones theme, Darth Vader’s theme, and the Superman theme. All of them are iconic, and they’re that way for a reason. They have immediate emotional recognition. Listen to Indiana Jones and you immediately feel like an adventurer. Listen to Superman and you feel like you could hop up and fly with him. Listen to Darth Vader and you want to walk somewhere with great importance, scowling the whole way. They’re brilliant.


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6 thoughts on “It Can Take You Anywhere…

  1. Prilla


    • As you can see, he’s pretty high on my list, too. XD All of his Pixar soundtracks are amazing. And the Star Trek one…<3

  2. Prilla

    I like everything he’s done. Regardless of how bad the movie or show is…

  3. Anna

    I LOVE these! Also the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtrack. And Owl City. His songs are AMAZING.

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