Writing Prompt Monday!

I dunno about you, but I consider Mondays to be wicked, evil things that, while necessary, are pure torture. Somewhat like mathematics. But I digress. I almost didn’t blog anything today, but I figured I needed to do something since I skipped yesterday. Then I had an idea… A lot of blogs have special stuff for certain days of the week. Q. and A. Day or Character Development Day or Free Flying Monkeys Day or whatever…Why not mine?

And since I’ve been coming across a lot of writing prompts lately, some good, some perfectly pathetic, that’s what I’ve got! A writing prompt every Monday, beginning today! We shall see if I’m any good at writing prompts.

Okay, so that’s not the only reason I came up with this. I dove into the wonderful, startling world of choir today, and discovered that it can be somewhat of a challenge for a perfectionist who can’t read a lick of music. Therefore I came home and practiced until I gave myself a singing-induced headache and was too tired to do any real, thought-provoking (if any of my stuff is) posts.

What does your main character think about in the shower?

(Would you like to guess where I brainstormed this brilliant idea?)

My Answer:

Well, considering that my novel takes place in the 19th century, showers weren’t exactly prevalent. But, while in the tub, my M.C.’s thoughts tend to differ, according to her mood. If she’s happy and everything has gone her way, she daydreams and slips away from her somewhat overcomplicated life to a much easier, less explosive one where no one is apt to attempt murder. If things haven’t quite gone her way, she sits there and broods, trying to figure out where she went wrong, how she could have done it differently, or possibly how to get revenge on the person currently making her life miserable.

Your Answer:


   Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Monday!

  1. Anna

    *wicked grin* Oh boy… this shall be fun…
    My character Sybil is from the 1870s, so she can”t exactly shower. But when she bathes, she typically sings instead of thinking. Usually hymns.
    Then there’s James… when he showers he always thinks about how handsome he is. Then again, that’s pretty much all he ever thinks about. XD

    • This James fellow sounds quite interesting. Apparently, all character named James must be unsavory, then. There’s one in mine as well and he’s not particularly nice, either. XD

  2. Anna

    Haha… this James is nice but he thinks very highly of himself. XD

  3. Prilla

    I think I like this James guy. Though thinking how handsome he in while in the shower… That’s a tad creepy. XD

  4. Prilla

    Shame on him. 😉

    Let’s see… While in the shower my current charrie, Persephone, would probably think about how nice it would be to have her own shower and not have to share one. Which would prompt her to become angry at the world for leaving her broke. Which would then prompt her to turn off the shower all together and stomp outside to go hide in a tree while soaking wet.

  5. I hope nobody minds me hopping in here…. There are no showers where my characters live, either. They have a privy, though – make of that what you will. While performing their ablutions, I guess they’re probably wondering how to make more money (the ‘dad’ character), or how to work out feelings for a certain bearded sailor (daughter) or how to invent something which would enable him to scrub his back while brushing his teeth at the same time (younger brother). Love this thought experiment!

    • Not at all! New faces (Or gravatars.Either way.) are always welcome here.
      Thank you! There should be a new one up every Monday(if I succeed in actually keeping a schedule for once *crosses fingers*).

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