Prompt, Please!

Ironically, starting a writing blog has been somewhat detrimental to actually getting any of the real writing done. I’ve been using it as yet another brilliant escape from the rigors of editing (Bad Zissa!), but not tonight. Tonight, I shall finish a chapter(or a half of one) if it kills me. Or worse, if it means I don’t have time to iron my church clothes tonight and am forced to actually get up early in the morning.

But, anyways, I’m here to talk(for a very short while)about writing prompts. I sort of have mixed feelings about them. There are rare occasions in which they’ve actually turned out a useful bit of prose or sparked a new idea to be worked into one of the novel outlines, but for the most part they just seem to be…busywork. Now, I realize that practice–however pointless it may seem–is good. I realize that. But I prefer to get my practice in by actually working on my designated project and therefore getting it down on file faster. Granted, this method can lead to a much longer revision period, but hey–practice makes perfect. Or as perfect as an art can be.

That doesn’t mean they’re useless, though. Since prompts tend to be somewhat on the insane side, they can bring out some really off-the-wall ideas. And those are the best kind. Here’s a site I found that has quite literally a ton of them. Now, go write something!

On a completely unrelated note,here’s the painting I mentioned in the cop-out post. Obviously, I still have Big Ben and some detailing to finish.


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