Mwuhahaha! Success!

Well, my apologies for missing a post yesterday, but not only was it a completely mad day, it was book club.

Which I suppose is synonymous, but I digress.

I presented my mystery dinner theater plot last night and I think it went well. As I said, it was my job to create a plot and then our group as a whole would fill in the comedy. We started the brainstorming stuff after I went through the plot and all I can say? Oh. My. Word. Absolutely hilarious. When a group of teenage girl geeks put their heads together to be funny (when they themselves are naturally so), the results are…interesting. I think we can safely say that the performance will be good. We’ve already got people thinking about costumes, rehearsal schedules, and all the acting stuff to come. We’re either going to have a fantastic show or die in the attempt.

Success is a wonderful feeling. As if knowing that people are actually going to hear/see your stuff. It’s even enough to put up with the attempts by certain people (*cough*Hello, Prilla) to turn the mystery into a musical.

-A very happy writer

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4 thoughts on “Mwuhahaha! Success!

  1. Prilla

    MUSICALS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 And I never said YOU had to sing.

  2. Prilla

    *rolls eyes* I’m still putting you in costume whether you like it or not.

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