Genre Review(Because I’m Out of Recent Books.)

I’m a pretty wide reader. Everything from classics to sci-fi to romance to comics to mystery comes through my hands on a regular basis, and I can’t really say I have a definite favorite. Personally, I think books should have some small element of all the primary genres to add interest. A touch of mystery, a little romance, plenty of action, perhaps a hint of sci-fi–I’m always thrilled when I find an author who does this effectively.

Now, I know I was beginning to fall into a nice rhythm of a writing post followed by a book review, but as I’ve gotten more acclimated to all this blogging stuff, I’ve realized that that isn’t going to work. For one thing, I have serious difficulty finding a book that I like well enough to review on here and when I do, I can’t always finish them fast enough to have one ready every other day. So instead of posting shoddy reviews other every day, I think I’m going to try doing a post that pertains to books instead of a review on the days that I don’t have one. Sound good? We’ll see how it goes. Moving on to what this post is about, genres–some you love, some you hate. I’ll run through my thoughts on them, then post a poll below so you can share your thoughts.

1. Mystery Notice the numbering of this genre; yes, that was intentional. Mysteries are a fantastic genre that can go practically anywhere plotwise. What’s not to love about entertainment that improves your skills of deduction at the same time? There are so, so many varieties to pick from as well–cozy, gritty, paranormal, historical, romantic–regardless of your tastes, there’s probably one out there for you. As I said, I don’t really have a favorite genre, but this one is pretty high on my list.

2. Sci-fi Ah, science fiction…a subject dear to my geeky heart. It’s been belittled for pretty well as long as it’s existed as ridiculous, worthless tripe, but I disagree. There have been a surprising amount of real-life innovations and inventions inspired by something mentioned in sci-fi. Take that, Academia! Personally, I find it to be one of the more inspiring genres, if it’s done right. A good sci-fi can showcase the potential that humans have to beat odds and survive to a bright future. Also, who doesn’t love rayguns and aliens?

Note: I do not like the dystopian sub-genre that’s so wildly popular at the moment. Real life can be depressing enough; I don’t want to deal with it in my fiction.

3. Romance This one is tricky. There are some romances that I love, whereas others tempt me to give up on the human race. Romance can be fantastic if it’s well-written, tasteful, and at least mildly realistic in timing. It’s even better if there are other factors within the book to help keep the melodrama and sap in check. Throw in some mystery or sci-fi or something and a romance can be a great read.

4. Horror My apologies to the fans, but I hate horror. I have not slept for the past two nights because of horror! I thought I as getting a nice steampunk YA, but it turned out to be Gothic horror and I hated it. I really don’t see the appeal of being scared out of one’s wits and disgusted by gory details. The only acceptable horror in my mind is Edgar Allan Poe. End of story.

5. Fantasy Fantasy can be a lot of fun. There are huge epics, fun little comedies, and brilliant stand-alones. Though, I do get a little irritated when an author spends more time on rhyming spells and inventing unpronounceable names than writing a decent plot. It’s another genre that can be either really, really good or really, really bad.

6. Western It’s an older genre and typically clichéd to the point of idiocy, but if you find a good author, they can be great fun. I enjoy listening to the Louis L’Amour audio books, in particular. Some of his descriptions are almost poetic and (if you’re a writer) his fight scenes come from real experience and are practically a textbook for boxing and street-fighting moves. Granted, the plots are somewhat formulaic, but I still kinda like to see the good guy win and the bad guy die(yes, I know, it sounds terrible).

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